Scars Trees do not live with the luxury of privacy. Almost everything that happens to them in their lives can be found in evidence on their bodies. This tree in particular had something injure it some time ago. Due to this injury it has healed itself by growing this scab over the injured area. Much[…]

Beauty Rest

Beauty Rest The autumn season is upon us, and along with it everything that makes autumn beautiful. I love living in a state that has all 4 seasons, but my favorite season is surely fall. The whole world changes color. There are places on Earth that are permanently summer, and places that are permanently winter.[…]

Separated for Good

Separated for Good When God created life he first created the means to support it, our sun. He made an enormous mind boggling mass of heat, light, and elements that would sustain life on Earth for as long as he wanted. The light from the sun sustains all of life here on Earth through photosynthesis,[…]